Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

Carrot cupcakes, cupcakes, healthy cakes, tea cakes, muffin

Carrot Cupcakes Recipe:

Healthy and tasty cupcakes, a perfect accompaniment to the favourite cup of coffee!

When I was a child, playing with dolls and celebrating their birthdays was a regular part of life. In those days, I still remember how the local kirana store used to sell the ‘pan’ shaped cake or rather the heart shaped cupcake, which my mother used to buy for celebrating my doll’s birthday.

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Rajma Masala Recipe

Rajma Masala, Rajma curry, Red kidney beans curry, India kidney beans recipe, rajma

Rajma Masala Recipe:

Healthy and delicious Rajma (red kidney beans) cooked with Indian spices, a low calorie one pot curry.

Rajma or black kidney beans are very popular Indian legumes which are traditionally cooked as gravy with a lot of Indian spices. Rajma has a high fiber content, which prevents blood sugar levels from rising too fast after a meal.

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Keema Matar Recipe

Keema matar recipe, indian mutton curry, minced mutton recipe, keema recipe, minced mutton with green peas

Keema Matar Recipe:

Minced mutton and green peas cooked with aromatic spices into a delicious North Indian curry.

Of the various North Indian non vegetarian fare, keema matar recipe is a real stunner. Minced meat, cooked with various fragrant spices and in season green peas makes this recipe a real steal when served with parathas, they are good with rice too. If you are wondering what’s with that straight opening to the blog, I must tell you that I am in between all the packing mayhem off to mamaland after almost a year.

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Soba Noodles with Crispy Tofu Recipe

Soba noodle recipe, sesame soba noodle, garlic soba noodles, soba noodles with crispy tofu recipe, noodle with tofu recipe

Soba Noodles with Crispy Tofu Recipe:

Celebration of Womanhood with a garlicky Soba Noodles and crispy tofu topped with a delicious sweet and sour dressing.

What is the significance of a day like this I often wonder, why just a day to celebrate and therefore clearly mark and inequality in bold. It seems almost like a mockery in face of the reality, when you use, abuse, misuse a woman for the entire year long. Why is there no ‘’Man’s day’ but just  ‘an International Woman’s day’, it is only to remind her perhaps of being that special little stupid bait that is fed well, pampered, praised only to be slaughtered by a barbaric pawn later.

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Egg Curry Recipe

egg curry recipe, egg masala curry, masal egg curry, north Indian egg curry, spicy egg curry

Egg Curry Recipe:

A North Indian, restaurant style masala egg curry that’s is smoking hot and spicy.

This egg curry recipe isn’t my first egg curry recipe, I know I have posted a few already like this one here, and here and here too. While the first link in the list, the creamy egg curry clearly is a different recipe but the other two, the Andhra style (Kodi Gudu Pulusu) and Bengali style Egg curries might appear quite similar to this one here which is a typical North Indian Restaurant (or Punjabi Dhaba) style egg curry  recipe .

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Women’s day Special at The Imperial, Delhi

Recipes from Imperial, Delhi, Burmese Laksa Soup, Mushroom fricassee pie, Shepherd’s Pie and Crème Caramel recipes , 5 star recipes

Women’s day Special at The Imperial, Delhi:

Simple one pot recipes, Burmese Laksa Soup, Mushroom fricassee pie and Crème Caramel recipes shared by the 5 star Chef’s.

Abuzz with the sounds of wok and ladle and attended by women audience from all walks of life, The Imperial Culinary Club arrested the interest of foodies and rustled up super easy one pot recipes, making the session more than just a cooking demonstration and a wonderful tribute to the International Women’s Day. The session was conceptualized to inspire today’s superlative women to adorn a chef’s cap and cook up a storm.

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Poha (North Indian style) Recipe

Poha (North Indian style) recipe, poha recipe, chuda matar recipe, indian breakfast, indian poha

Poha (North Indian style) Recipe:

A north Indian take on the staple breakfast ‘the Poha’ from down South.

Simple, yet delicious is what I would say for this recipe. It was a cloudy day in here in Vizag today, so the idea of making a bowl of fresh and hot Poha, north Indian style recipe was quite exciting.

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Semolina and Coconut Cake Recipe

Semolina and coconut cake recipe, Basbousa recipe, Namoura  recipe,  Middle eastern semolina cake, semolina cake, coconut cake, eggless cake

Semolina and Coconut Cake Recipe:

An eggless delight, such is this Middle Eastern Basbousa or Namoura cake that you won’t stop at one slice.

Last two days have been about bad cough, sore throat and headache, all making me feel crazy lazy. I hate being sick, although the pampering from Mr. H is undeniably a silver lining. The feeling of uselessness however is so overbearing that to resurface I needed a delicious dose of sweetness and `this semolina and coconut cake recipe is just the right kind of indulgence I needed.

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Amritsari Fish Recipe

Amritsari fish, crispy fish, fish pakoda, fried fish recipe, fish recipe

Amritsari Fish Recipe:

Crispy batter fried fish, a famous street side snack served across the city of Amritsar, India.

My weekend association with fish seems to be growing deeper with each passing day. Don’t you think, it’s a little too much for a non-fish family until recently to be eating it atleast once a week. I am happy for its healthier food but I am also excited at the opportunity of trying a completely new recipe each time, like this Amritsari Fish recipe today.

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Chicken Biryani (Hyderabadi Style) Recipe

Chicken Biryani (Hyderabadi Style), hyderabadi chicken biryani, Biryani from Hyderabad, Indian Chicken Biryani, Indian Biryani recipe, rice recipe

Chicken Biryani (Hyderabadi Style) Recipe:

A flavorful, fragrant homemade chicken biryani recipe cooked in the Hyderabadi style.

I learnt this recipe from one of my very good Hyderabadi friends, who would always dish it up during Id or Ramzan. Although, I missed out on ‘Kewra jal’, still I could re-create the nostalgia of my good old college days with this Chicken biryani hyderabadi style recipe.

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Jackfruit Kofta Curry Recipe

Jackfruit Kofta Curry Recipe, jackfruit curry recipe, jackfruit recipe, indian curry, kofta recipe

Jackfruit Kofta Curry Recipe:

In season cooking in a spicy jackfruits kofta curry to warm up the mood and the palate.

It’s in-season and of those things that’s a treat for my people back home, aren’t these reasons enough to relish some jackfruit recipes and their memories. Yeah I can explicitly recall the discussion between my mom and granny (the only two vegetarians in our family of Carnivores), with a twinkle in their eyes they’d say ‘wah, aaj toh Katahal ki sabji bani hai’ (wow, it’s jackfruit curry today).

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Pomegranate Ice Cream Recipe

Pomegranate Ice Cream Recipe, homemade ice cream, pomegranate ice cream,no churn ice cream

Pomegranate Ice Cream Recipe:

A fresh, homemade, no churn Ice cream, an irresistible refreshing delight.

Living along the coastal region has its own benefits. One of them is enjoying ice creams all year round, as there’s no winter season and its bliss to enjoy this chilled dessert at any time!

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