Baked Spicy Samosa Recipe

Baked Spicy Samosa Recipe, Punjabi samosa, Indian samosa, Potato puffs

Baked Spicy Samosa Recipe: Spicy, potato, peas and spring onion filled filo sheet samosas baked to perfection, yeah no frying ! We, as in my entire family, cannot resist samosas ever and yet its only on super occasions that we can brave into indulging in them. I have actually been thinking of baking the samosas for a long long time now, but somehow … [Read more...]

La Bodega, Delhi

Review La Bodega, Delhi, La Bodega Khan Market, Mexican restaurant in Delhi

Review: La Bodega, Delhi (Mexican) 1st Floor, 29B, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi. Ph# 011 4310 5777 The funky filament lamps and an experimental menu took us by fancy as we stepped into this Mexican café that made quite a noise as it set its foot in the food streets of Khan Market this summer. … [Read more...]

Pound Cake with Almond Cream Recipe

Pound Cake with Almond Cream Recipe, prefect pound cake, vanilla cake recipe

Pound Cake with Almond Cream Recipe: A perfectly baked classic pound cake topped up with a quick almond cream, perfect tea accompaniment. A good pound recipe is a must have in anyone’s kitchen closet. It is simple a stepping stone to the world of great dessert inspirations, there is so much one can create with a good pound cake recipe. … [Read more...]

Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe

Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe, murg do pyaza, Indian chicken curry, thick chicken gravy

Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe: . It is yet another of a traditional Indian classic Chicken recipes that one can’t get tired of eating. It is spicy blend that’s balanced out with the characteristic sweetness from the onions, slowly cooked into a thick curry. … [Read more...]

Stir fried Vegetables in hot Garlic and Lemongrass Sauce Recipe

Chinese gravy, vegetarian Chinese recipe, Stir fried Vegetables in hot Garlic and Lemongrass Sauce Recipe

Stir fried Vegetables in hot Garlic and Lemongrass Sauce Recipe: Delicious Chinese gravy for the vegetarians, three peppers, mushrooms, tofu in a hot garlic and lemongrass sauce. A good Chinese gravy is worth dying for, its about the perfect balance of a variety of flavours. Chinese is like homefood to us Indians, so much so that we have developed our own Chindian cuisine already. … [Read more...]

Omelette in Mustard and Tomato Curry Recipe

Omelette curry, Egg curry, Omelette in Mustard and tomato curry, Bengali Omelette curry

Omelette in Mustard and Tomato Curry Recipe: Thick omelette chunks in spicy and tangy, mustard -tomato based Bengali style gravy. An egg curry with a twist it is but not a real discovery I must say, but traditional Bengali mustard gravy prepared in my way. Replacing boiled fired eggs with omelette is no invention either for it is a common practice across many a household. However, combining the two could be an Idea or is it?? … [Read more...]

Malpua Recipe

Malpua recipe, malpua with rabri, Indian sweet in syrup recipe, Indian festival sweets recipe, Indian sweets

Malpua Recipe: Deliciously indulgent Malpuas in a thick syrup served with an excess of rabri on side. These festivals of course are nothing but an excuse to indulge, and at my home its primarily about rich, heart, lip smacking traditional food. The mal puas have been my childhood favourite … [Read more...]